Although both written and spoken language can be used as mediums of communication, the key difference between written English and spoken English is that while written English is text-based and spoken English is not. Written Language I. Your response for Summarize Spoken Text is judged on your ability to comprehend, analyze and combine information from a lecture, and then summarize the key points in writing and on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points in the lecture. Body A.

Written language requires skills. Written vs Spoken language.

There are many differences that can be noted between written and spoken language.

The similarity between spoken and written forms of language is skills. 2. 3) Look for speech features-how do participants use speech features to control the conversation or to communicate particular attitudes and feelings-this links to number two in the list. 1.

There are many different types of spoken and written texts There may be different text types in Australian languages.Text types in English include narrative, recount, biography, report, explanations, reports, interview, description, procedure, news report, resume/CV, menu, party invitation, photo captions and labels. What are text types?

Introduction. But the most common forms of language are spoken and written, which are very different and have one similarity.II. Similarities And Differences Between Written And Spoken Language.

Spoken language is what one hears and uses for conversing with others. Sometimes speaking in a way that things would normally be written, or writing in a way that people speak can lead to language sounding strange, unnatural or inappropriate.

Text Analysis: Estimating Policy Preferences From Written and Spoken Words Kenneth Benoit London School of Economics and Trinity College Dublin Alexander Herzog Clemson University February 17, 2015 Abstract This chapter provides an introduction into the emerging eld of quantitative text … For text recall, Kellogg (2007) found an advantage for spoken recall over written recall (mainly for aural presentation).

If the text is informal or has a low register, which is typical of spoken texts; look for idioms, cliches and hyperbole as well as high frequency, monosyllabic lexis.

Outline Spoken Language vs.

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