The story of 20th-century poetry teaches us that language is not a luxury: we need the right words in order to survive. If you've ever wondered what's the point of poetry (like I once did haha!)
Read more: Ode to the poem: why memorising poetry still matters … For me, it's just about the best single book I've found on the subject. Indeed, a poet might well be described (in Aristotle’s terms) as someone capable of noticing likenesses. Why Poetry Matters. By Rowan Williams. The first involves the role of language in a free society.

'Why Poetry Matters offers itself as a timely, passionate defence of the poetic. The book ranges far and wide with chapters on poetry's engagement with voice, metaphor, tradition, politics, religion, and the natural world.'

Exactly how metaphor works in poetry, and why this matters, will be the subject of this chapter. Poetry sees the palm tree, and the prophetess herself, vividly, even in the middle of a widespread epidemic. This wonderful book might be read as a long meditation on WH Auden’s notorious throwaway comment in his elegy for WB Yeats: “Poetry makes nothing happen.” Nightly my father lulled me to sleep with the many poems he knew by heart. Griff Rhys Jones explores the power of verse, dissecting Keats with Simon Armitage, encountering an experimental poem made from beach balls and experiencing a poetry … His reasons for "why poetry matters" are clearly stated and backed up with interesting examples.

... 3 REASONS WHY POETRY MATTERS IN TODAY'S WORLD Empowering Creativity. On long journeys or stuck in traffic-jams we played rhyming games or changed the lyrics to songs and nursery rhymes.

— Matthew Bevis, Modernism/Modernity Vol.17

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I would think that teachers of English and literature at all levels could derive much value from this book. There are at least two reasons why the situation of poetry matters to the entire intellectual community. Why poetry matters. Poetry feasts on the similarities and differences between things. Mum too wrote funny verses for family birthday… Why Poetry Matters I was born into a house full of poetry.

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