Of Mice and Men Why does George urge Lennie to remain quiet when they meet the boss at the ranch where they'll be working? When their new boss questions them, George lies and says Lennie was kicked by a horse.

Chapter 1. Why does George tell Lennie to be quiet when they meet the boss of the ranch in Of Mice and Men?
The boss does not understand the reason why George answers all the questions and not letting Lennie talk. But George seems to trust Slim almost immediately.

He does this to stop the interrogation. Why does George tell lennie to remain silent when they first meet the ranch boss?

Naturalism A style and theory of representation based on the accurate depiction of detail. Why does George insist that Lennie remain quiet when they meet the boss at the ranch where they'll be working? The reaction of the boss when George and Lennie first meet him was one of frustration. He does not want Lennie to … first he thought that Lennie was shy and playfully asked "he ain't much of a talker, is he?" -Lennie might say something that makes them have no job … This foreshadows that even though he thinks Lennie doesn't talk much there is something behind his story. Answered by Aslan on 10/16/2016 7:47 PM George does not want the Boss to know that Lennie is "dumb".
Why does George Urge lennie to remain quiet when they meet the boss at the ranch where they'll be working The boss would see his disability As they prepare the campfire for dinner, then he makes that he likes his beans with ketchup, sending George into a rage.

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