Career Outlook: The job outlook for management analysts will rise by 14% by 2024. Here are some of the highest paying jobs that you can apply for as an MBA graduate. A Masters in Business Administration, or an MBA as it is more commonly known, is an advanced business degree that can be earned by students who have already earned a bachelor's degree in business or another field. Using PayScale data, Monster identified the seven common, high-paying MBA specializations ranked by graduates’ typical mid-career earnings. - A place to search for jobs, post a resume, and explore career resources. For example, at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, coursework includes such classes as Competitive Advantage, Organizational Economics and Strategy, Environmental Law, Strategic Management of Human Assets, Marketing … I guess most post MBA jobs outside top tier Ibanking and consulting come with pretty unimpressive comp package. 1.

At MIT Sloan, McKinsey last year hired twice as many MBAs at the largest non-consulting employer at the school, 32 vs. 16 by Amazon, and five of the eight largest employers were all consulting firms.

A specialized MBA in Consulting will empower business students to enter a lucrative industry post-graduation, helping clients manage their companies more successfully.. 5. Getting a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is one of the most solid investments you can ever make in life. wow.. For business students who prefer to focus on finance, a specialized MBA in Finance Leadership could be … For example, the Canadian job market is smaller than the US job market.Work visas, which can allow international students to stay in the country for three years following graduation, are another important difference for those looking for MBA jobs in Canada. MBA jobs in Canada are the similar to other countries when it comes to the types of roles on offer, but there are some differences. A Masters in Business Administration, or an MBA as it is more commonly known, is an advanced business degree that can be earned by students who have already earned a bachelor's degree in business or another field. Options include: Interim management — Consultants are brought in to assist companies in transition by serving in key management roles, such as CFO or controller. The median salary for a starting health services manager is around $80,000 per year. Find out more about: 3 Career Options. The Best Consulting Firms for MBAs - A list of ThoughtCo's best places to work as a consultant using your MBA degree. Consulting skills developed by MBAs. The MBA degree is one of the most prestigious and sought after degrees in the world. 4,791 MBA Healthcare jobs available on While the average mid-career pay for all MBA jobs, regardless of specialty, is $87,000, according to PayScale, you can make a lot more by choosing the right concentration. MBA would entail positive ROI for most, if one attends M7 MBA, or a top 20-25 MBA on a hefty scholarship. An MBA in Finance grad has ample of opportunities waiting around, all he needs to do is grab it. I know many guys working in back office finance clearing 150k all in, with no grad degrees, myself included. Getting an MBA in project management or Six Sigma is a great way for you to accelerate your business career in consulting. Apart from helping you expand your career opportunities, it also prepares you for good paying jobs in today’s competitive job market. Consulting. Salaries in the consulting sector offered the highest pay to full-time MBA graduates from the class of 2016, according to data submitted to U.S. News by ranked b-schools in an annual survey. If you want to launch a consulting career, an MBA isn’t essential, but it gives you a massive boost in the employment world. 4. Unlike other postgraduate degrees, many people pursuing an MBA have already entered the workforce and have a good sense of the career path they have chosen. Management consulting is one of the most sought-after skills in the business world. After you get your healthcare MBA, you will be able to move into a role such as health services manager. All of this because of the diverse skill set he possesses. After McKinsey, Bain hired 17 graduates, BCG took away 15, while Deloitte and PwC Advisory both employed nine Sloanies each. Experienced consulting professionals can immediately make an impact after joining Deloitte by plying their know-how and passion to help address high-level issues at the heart of our clients’ businesses. Finance Leadership. #3 Marketing. Here are some of the top MBA specialisations which are in …

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