Othello always had the opportunity to overcome his distrust of Desdemona and triumph over the “green-eyed monster.” Tell of a time where you overcame an obstacle that could have had a sad or tragic ending.

London and New York: Routledge, 1996. Like his other tragedies, Othello follows Shakespeare's five-act structure in which each act highlights a specific action: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. Othello: A History of Performance Internetshakespeare.uvic.ca. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the various ways in which the reader constructs meaning and of how context influences this constructed meaning by considering the cultural context of Othello d. Introducing Paired Texts and Paired Passages Paired texts and paired passages can be really tricky for students, especially those who are not fluent readers. One of Shakespeare's most thrilling plays, Othello is a timeless story of jealousy, romance, and revenge. Why Is Othello Black? Although more complex, in its basic form Shakespeare portrays Othello’s guilt similarly to how O. Henry portrays Liz’s guilt. The word pair “shadowing passion” is notably musical in its repetition of sh, n and short a sounds. Shakespeare's plays have contributed some of the most famous quotes from all of literature, and none are more memorable than those from his tragedies, probably the best place to find quotes on tragedy. By E. A. J. Honigmann. Shakespeare is certainly not the easiest subject matter to tackle at the high school level. What case does the story make for the father’s guilt? … Othello believes that Desdemona would only commit adultery by “some instruction”—which is to say, manipulation—and not by her own volition.
Reading 'Othello' can be a very thought-provoking experience for students, and it might get them seeking answers beyond the play itself. The way in which all three texts were written, the setting and the time period contribute to the varied presentation of destructive love.

-Othello was faced with overcoming the greatest obstacle of his life: raging jealousy. When and How to Pair: Have students read this short story, prior to reading "Othello," in order to generate a discussion on culpability. For example in Othello, published in 1603 and similarly in Romeo & Juliet, Shakespeare suggests that the essence of trust, jealously and social standings play a vital role in the outcome of love.
This page from Internet Shakespeare provides readers with a brief though useful history of Othello’s production history.This account begins with the play’s 1604 premiere and concludes with Zaib Shaikh’s 2008 television adaptation, Othello, the Tragedy of the Moor. Modernizing Shakespeare: Finding Contemporary Themes from Othello by T.J. Vari Introduction and Rationale. Universality Of Jealousy In Othello. I have found the best way to help my students master paired passages is through repeated practice and exposure (and as authentic as possible – especially in the beginning). A quick turn around time, 24 to 48 hours, will keep students from bogging down in this preliminary activity and allow them to focus on the play itself. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a range of texts through the 'reading' of a painting and two essays c .

a. The Texts of "Othello" and Shakespearian Revision.

Introducing Paired Texts and Paired Passages Paired texts and paired passages can be really tricky for students, especially those who are not fluent readers. I have found the best way to help my students master paired passages is through repeated practice and exposure (and as authentic as possible – especially in the beginning). Pair or divide students into groups of three to do mini-research projects, primarily from encyclopedias and specialized reference texts. To what extent have you found this to be true of the two texts … When we consider a pair of texts together, despite their different contexts, the new can give us a greater appreciation and understanding of the old and the old can give us more insight into the new.

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