The Ready. Promoting Public Confidence in Government. The forms may be used in areas relating to business entities, uniform commercial code, notary public, or elections and legislative. 23, 84th Leg., Regular Session, which became effective September 1, 2015. TEC is operating by: Phone: 512-463-5800 Email: The Commission adopted these forms as required by H.B. Justia has no commercial relationship with US Legal Forms, and we receive no commissions, fees, or any other type of compensation if you purchase forms … Forms provided by US Legal Forms, a third-party service that sells forms for a fee. Last updated: 12/9/2016

At its November 30, 2015, meeting, the Texas Ethics Commission adopted amendments to Forms CIS and CIQ, that had been previously adopted on August 7, 2015. Check. These forms are for filing domestic business and nonprofit entity formations, foreign entity registrations, amendments, terminations, and other business filings with the secretary of state. Internally we refer to it as “esign” because it involves capturing electronic signatures and applying them to voter forms … Vote. Texas Secretary of State (@TXsecofstate) October 6, 2018 In a tweet later Saturday the office said it was redirecting links to a new version of the registration form. Next Commission Mtg: June 18-19, 2020. Use the 11-digit Comptroller's Taxpayer Number or the 9-digit Federal Employer's Identification Number. The Secretary of State for each state in the United States use various forms for a variety of purposes. Payment Form {807} This is a Texas form that can be used for Corporation within Secretary Of State. Real Estate Forms; Legal Forms by State; Other Legal Forms. Texas Ethics Commission. In its 2019 session, the Texas Legislature appropriated funding to the Secretary of State's office for this initiative.

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