This is […] Here is your speech on Independence of Judiciary in India: In our democratic polity, the supreme power of state is shared among the three principal organs, namely, the legislature, the executive and the judiciary. They can also make laws if in case, the legislature has not passed any law in a particular case. Speech Given at the Ceremonial Sitting on the Occasion of the Opening of the Legal Year 2019 and the Opening of the New Supreme Court Building (PDF 271KB) (Word 58.5KB) 15 October 2018. Judiciary is the only hope of the country. State of the Judiciary Speech by Chief Justice Saufley, February 1, 2006; State of the Judiciary Speech by Chief Justice Saufley, February 1, 2005; State of the Judiciary Speech by Chief Justice Saufley, Written Report, February 1, 2005; State of the Judiciary Speech by Chief Justice Saufley, January 2004 ; State of the Judiciary Speech by Chief Justice Saufley, February 2003 .

Today I, mention your name, the class teacher of ninth class might want to deliver a speech on a subject which is extremely proper for the present situation, and the topic is the 'Role of Judiciary in the Country Today.' Read the latest judgments, news and speeches. Speeches from the Judiciary; Minister Speeches; Events; Multimedia. CJ's Speech at Conference on Effective Judicial Review: A Cornerstone of Good Governance (10-12-2008) CJ's Speech at the "Judiciary" special stamps issuing ceremony (27-11-2008) CJ's Speech at the Legal Education Trust Fund 20th Anniversary Celebration & Graduation of Class 2008 Student Summer Program in Mainland (Chinese only) (08-09-2008) Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen – Thank you for becoming a part of this panel discussion organized to review the role of judiciary in the country today. Photo Gallery; Videos; Podcast; Judiciary Newsletter; LINKS; COMPLAINTS. ... there is a 'real risk' of scandalising the judiciary. 2016 Speeches Mr Registrar K W Lung's speech at the 4th Asian Mediation Association Conference held in Beijing, PRC on "Reform in the Mechanism for the Resolution of Various Disputes by the Judiciary" (20-10-2016) Superior Courts; THE OCJ HEAD OFFICE; Provincial Offices; Regional Courts; Chief Magistrates; You are here: Home Enter Part of Title Display # Chief Justice Speeches Notice in Terms of Rule A16 . The laws made by the higher courts will be followed by the lower courts while making decisions on the cases. Nevertheless, the role of the judiciary is generally limited because of the balance of power tilting towards legislation in most of the democratic systems and also because of the legislature, or sometimes the executive head of the State, having power to make appointments to the judiciary. It is judiciary alone that can assert itself and call a spade a spade without fear or favour. The law of the land must be allowed to prevail.

Safeguarding free speech and confidence in judiciary. There is no doubt that politicians and bureaucrats have failed in their duty to give this country a clean, honest government answerable to the masses. OCJ COMPLAINTS; FAQ; CONTACT US.

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