It’s always great to see which students apply to be a section leader.

Now what? Highly qualified and musical Section Leader has exceptional experience within the violin section.Has perfect musical pitch and is able to signal individual violinists of when to join in with the orchestra.Has a Bachelor’s degree in Violin Performance and ten years of violin section leader experience. It’s that time of year.

Now that you’re officially section leader, now what? Now what?

Concert and Winter seasons are coming to an end, summer band schedules are going out and leadership applications are due. I think I should be selected for section leader because I take the time to listen to reach out to kids.
So You Want to Be A Section Leader? Do this! Can boss the rest of the section around because they think they are better than everyone else. They tend to be power-crazy individuals who take their responsibility way too seriously. Music to me is like baseball to Babe Ruth. Your main goal is to make your section better musicians, keep them out of trouble, have a bond with the people within your section, and to … The king/queen of a section in the marching band. Your main goals are to keep your section happy, out of trouble, and to play a good show. Section Leader Responsibilities Westlake High School Thunder Band Great, you were just made section leader by your band teacher. Understand what being section leader means. Great, you were just made Section Leader by your Band director.

The following items identifies the general Once you have become a section leader, your main goals are to keep your section happy, out of trouble and prepare them to play a good show. Becoming section leader is one of the best thing that could happen to you in band. Music fills me with happiness and helps me with things when I need it and if I can show kids music is more than just notes and playing them but its emotion and has meaning then I feel I am and could be a great section leader.

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