The Singapore company secretary’s role is actually an extremely important one in a business organization. In this article, we will discuss the existence of Company Secretary under the Companies Act, 2013. The company secretary keeps all of the company’s official documentation up-to-date and ensures that the company complies with all of the Singapore Companies Act requirements, from when the Annual General Meeting has to be held up to the filing deadlines for Annual Returns. THE ROLE OF THE SECRETARY A committee secretary has a wide ranging role which includes the following responsibilities: • to manage the committee’s business. Role of Company Secretary is to make sure to execute and implement the decisions take by the higher authorities like the board of directors of the company, chairman, CEOs, etc. It is a broad position with multiple dimensions. Besides, he plays a vital role in planning Company's future. The importance of the company secretary’s role has increased over the years. A company secretary is a senior level employee in a company who is responsible for the looking after the efficient administration of the company. Company Secretary is the key person, who implements all these in an encouraging environment. The role of filing documents with ACRA on behalf of the company will typically be handled by the company secretary. No longer the person who merely keeps the minutes of the board and handles board correspondence, the company secretary role can now include administering the affairs of the company and … The … Further, he or she assures these meetings are held in a well-organized fashion. Role of the Company Secretary. Filings . This involves preparing agendas in liaison with the chair and/or an agenda committee, monitoring the progress and scheduling One of the most important roles of the company secretary is ensuring that within a corporate office, information is recorded and noted effectively. A Company Secretary who represents a company to the internal and external stakeholders, coordinates the management functions and Chairperson Secretary Meetings Minutes Chairing Risk Management Role Description Accountability View All DIY Committee Guide by Volunteer Now is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike 2.0 . The role of a nonprofit board secretary is critical for the smooth operations of the board. A nonprofit board secretary is responsible for ensuring that board members are given appropriate notice of meetings. The role of an Agency Secretary in the Tasmanian public service is central to the effective and efficient operation of Government. The role of secretary is generally divided into three parts; statutory officer, coordinator, administrative officer.

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