Use of reporting verbs Reporting verbs are used in reported speech The most common reporting verbs are say and tell.

Reporting verbs are verbs that we use instead of the words 'say&' or &';tell', and they give us more accurate information about the intention of the person talking.

– A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on - id: 48562a-MmRmZ Twelve matching dominoes with sentences …

Statements ADMIT + ing AGREE that ANSWER APOLOGISE+ ing BOAST about + ing CLAIM + that COMPLAIN to .. about DENY + ing DECLARE + that EXPLAIN + that INFORM + that OBJECT to + ing PROMISE + that PROTEST against /about REMIND someone of… However, there are a number of other reporting verbs that can be used instead of say or tell to make more efficient (i.e. B1-B2. Passive: 1. Reporting with passive verbs 1.

Unfortunately for students, there are different structures for different reporting verbs.
He warned us about the weak bridge. Slide 4: REPORTING STATEMENTS Useful introductory verbs. In English grammar, a reporting verb is a verb (such as say, tell, believe, reply, respond, or ask) used to indicate that discourse is being quoted or paraphrased. The coast guard advised against going into the water.

Reporting verb dominoes. Students should look at the sp... Students should look at the sp... 648 Downloads
8. Elicit as much information as possible. It + passive verb + that clause It is said that he is very talented. REPORTING WITH PASSIVE VERBS When the writer wants to put distance between himself/herself and the facts 2. John decided to go to France on holiday.

Present each reporting verb structure to the students, one at a time. (PDF) Reporting Verbs used in Academic Writing | BC Chew ... ... -

Using this resource allows us to give information when we don’t know for sure whether it is true or not, or when we want to distance ourselves from the source of the information. A powerpoint presentation to practise using a number of reporting verbs and reported speech structures. Active: They say (or People say) that he is very talented. groups: 3-4. dominoes .

shorter) state... Read more . 3.


4. 5.

Answers to Reporting Verbs Exercise 1 1.

Worksheets . Reporting verbs (unit 9 grammar book) Structures after reporting verbs Structures after reporting verbs Jude offered to drive them to the airport.

It's also called a communication verb. " Julie advised Tom to go to the dentist. Jack encouraged Stella to apply for the job. 6. The passive with reporting verbs In news reports and formal writing, it is common to use the passive forms of reporting verbs.

7. 20 min. Antonio reminded Lucia to buy milk. Keiko’s mum agreed that Keiko could go to the party.

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