Interesting to note was that greater punishments were intended for ladies who would take the male role during the sex, for example by “straddling” (correct translation/meaning is not exactly clear) the other woman. We’ve compiled a list of some of the cruelest punishments of the ancient world and the Middle Ages. View Article in List View. Bastinado was beating a person on the soles of their feet with a stick.

While Africans argued that homosexuality was a western import, they in turn used a western religion as the basis for their argument. Medieval punishments were horrific ways to keep citizens controlled. There is also an interesting angle on female homosexuality: it was often connected to pagan rituals and customs. Early punishments ranged from fines, imprisonment for up to two years in a house of correction, with or without hard labour, hanging, and the pillory – a wooden frame with holes for the head and hands, in which offenders were placed and exposed to public abuse. Banishment. In ancient Rome, there was no vocabulary to distinguish between homosexuality and heterosexuality. A high percentage of cases dealing with issues around homosexuality can be accessed by using the general Search or Custom Search pages. Here are some of the most gruesome medieval punishments and inquisition torture devices in history. [12] In early Medieval years, homosexuality was given no particular penance; it was viewed like all the other sins. Throughout the times, there were many ugly things that occurred, and many devices used to make those things occur. Further cases can be located by choosing Theft > extortion from the same list Why these laws and punishments were made only in the thirteenth century is disputed. By Tim Lambert. The punishments were completely random. Prisoners received a variety of punishments for the same ‘offenses’. He believed that fear of being painted as a homosexual institution motivated officers to be overzealous in punishments when they were forced to confront them in court. Gay activist writers tend to see Christian morality entering the laws, but equally important was that it was only in the thirteenth century that secular laws were made in great numbers and law makers looked to Roman Law which since Justinian had explicitly condemned homosexuality.

The most common punishments were flogging and confinement. Gilbert, meanwhile, argued that there was a general fear of perceiving the Navy as rife with homosexuality. Most civil law codes had punishments for such "unnatural acts," especially in regions which were heavily influenced by the Church's teachings.

1900s timeline of major events in LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) rights history, including homosexuality, gay marriage, gay adoption, serving in the military, sexual orientation discrimination protection, changing legal gender, donating blood, age of consent, and more.

Survey of Key Developments Worldwide by Alan Freeman. Other history articles.

LGBTQ+ history in Surrey: crime and punishment.

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