In this section, we’ll give you an overview and summary of the various published works in nursing theory (in chronological order). Nursing has a rich knowledge base with which to develop care models that can transform the ways health is promoted and valued. Nursing is a scientific profession based on research, theory, and numerous known concepts focused on the art of care and its results;[] but guiding the practice by the theoretical sciences has been the biggest challenge facing nursing as an academic field, so far. The articles strive to discuss knowledge development in its broadest sense, reflect research using a variety of methodologic approaches, and combine several methods and strategies in a single study. This gives nurses the opportunity to organize principles that will help evaluate patient care and improve the nursing interventions based on the evaluation findings. Nursing theory is a well thought-out and systematic expression of a set of recommendations related to questions in the discipline of nursing. Research and Theory for Nursing Practice publishes articles that address or integrate theory, research, and practice, with a direct bearing on practice. Applying theory to nursing practice has many advantages for the nurses and the profession. Introduction. However, theory linking the environment domain of the nursing metaparadigm with the real-world environments where nurses practice and patients experience their health care is tenuous. In the text, Middle Range Theory for Nursing, 2 nd Edition, authors Mary Jane Smith and Patricia Liehr state, Nursing remains on the margin of the professional disciplines and is in danger of being consumed or ignored if sufficient attention is not given to the uniqueness of nursing’s field of inquiry and practice. List of Nursing Theories and Theorists. You’ve learned from the previous sections the definition of nursing theory, its significance in nursing, and purpose in generating a knowledge base for nursing. The theories can also provide nurses with basis or rationale for making decisions.

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