Peter Lindbergh did the impossible in fashion photography — documented the rise of supermodels, and at the same time showed them as regular people.

Man sagt, er habe die Supermodels erfunden. Das ist vielleicht etwas drastisch ausgedrückt. My favorite Martian in fashion — no offense to the rest of you — appeared in the pages of Italian Vogue in March of 1990..

The late photographer shot Cindy, Christy, Naomi, and Helena. Aleksandr Liapin tells the story of the photographer who made

Jedoch kann niemand bestreiten, dass das Foto von Peter Lindbergh, welches eine Gruppe von wunderschönen jungen Frauen zeigt, wie sie gemeinsam durch die Straßen von New York ziehen, die Modewelt verändert und das Zeitalter der Supermodels … Picture the most famous supermodels of the 1990s, and you will probably be thinking of a Peter Lindbergh photograph. '90s Supermodels Honor Prolific Fashion Photographer Peter Lindbergh on Instagram The revolutionary fashion photographer died yesterday at the age of 74. He made the supermodels super. You don’t compromise on it for one minute, and you get your way – but always with a smile.

You have a vision. But I loved his Martian best. That is part of his charm and part of how you get to be Peter Lindbergh. The German photographer sparked the phenomenon with a shot in American Vogue, August 1988, of a group of rising models, in white shirts on the beach.

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