When someone gives an acceptance speech at an awards ceremony or writes an acknowledgments page in a book, he or she often thanks friends and family, others in the field who were inspirational, as well as professors that provided the education that started the career path. A mentor is a person with experience who acts as a guide for you.

Marilyn K. Bedell (2005), states that nurses need guidance and help to grow and to develop new cognitive, clinical, and technical skills. A role model can be anyone you look up to, whose behaviors you might imitate. Role modelling is ‘teaching by example and learning by imitation’ (Dake and Taylor, 1994). I realize, in addition to the nursing theories which guide our practice, role models and mentors have a great impact on how we view our professional development and continued advancement. I believe there are many role models in the world but very few Mentors. Role models and mentors can be anyone, from sports stars, to politicians, to businessmen, to family. The nature of nursing means it is fundamental to professional socialisation (Lynn, 1995), and skilful role models can enable students to discover knowledge embedded in clinical practice (Davies, 1993). Nursing staff are frontline workers and service users are constantly observing their behaviour and what, how and when they do things. Choosing a mentor has always been part of my professional career plan. Role Models are not chosen or necessarily made aware that their actions are closely monitored. Role models are looked up to and admired from afar and may not even know who you are. I realize mentors, organizational involvement, and role models have greatly impacted my career as a nurse. I realized I had successfully incorporated excellent mentors and role models into my professional development as well as my growth as a person. Demonstrating positive role modelling and mentoring behaviours, whether formally or informally, can lead to enhanced patient care, job satisfaction and unit retention (Hunter & Cook, 2018).

In most cases, not all actions are worth modeling of someone who may be referred to as a Role Model: only some reactions, approaches or techniques may stand out as examples of best practices to be emulated. Nursing Mentors . Times of career transition are often when one is most likely in need of and would benefit most from having the guidance that only a mentor can provide.

Some are good, and others are not. Role Model Mentors is developing the products, programs, services, and resources to help children develop these skills so they can thrive academically, athletically, creatively, and socially. Being professional at all times is essential for nurses and other health professionals. Student nurses in the learning environment will emulate staff nurses and mentors as role models for their future practice. Both faculty and student need role models and mentors for their development; moreover, they may be needed at various times during one’s career. Mentors can also act as role models, with mentees attempting to emulate mentor behaviors that led to success. We are shown examples of role models in the media constantly. As nurses we should be constantly aware of our responsibilities as role models and mentors to colleagues (Cruess, Cruess & Steinert, 2008).

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