Let’s look at the passage… > ‘But it was too late. Plug your environment into the wall to cast the corpse-light from the Dead City. We do know why it happened though. We have no explanation as to the actual source of that light, and how it is being emitted. Does anyone think that we'll ever see an environment of Minas Morgul?

I remember when the old Shadow and Flame forum was still running, Minas Morgul was probably in the top 4 choices of possible environments to be made. Many Gondorians fled from Ithilien. The At that moment the rock quivered and trembled beneath them. As a result, it came to be called Minas Morgul, which in the tongue of Gondor means "Tower of Dark Sorcery".

This Limited Edition statue illuminates with a spectral green glow, replicating the iconic scene from the film.

I've been hoping for one ever since Weta returned to the miniature environment line almost a decade ago. In LOTR: ROTK, as Frodo, Sméagol, and Sam approach Minas Morgul to make their climb to the Cirith Ungol pass, Frodo is somehow drawn to Minas Morgul and stumbles a few paces up the road leading to its gates.An enormous, cycling energy beam spirals out of Minas Morgul and up to the sky; Gandalf and Pippin observe it from Minas Tirith. Minas Morgul is the dark companion piece to Weta Workshop’s iconic Minas Tirith environment. From Minas Morgul the Lord of the Nazgûl twice challenged his old enemy, King Eärnur. Minas Ithil was occupied by fell creatures, and it changed into a foul, evil place.

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