This guide to the 15 poems in the AQA Anthology is not intended to be the be-all and end-all of your knowledge.

Sonnet 29; 5.

Walking Away; 9. Learn. This love and relationships course looks at a range of poems, focusing on context, structure and key quotes. Professional AQA teaching resources. Neutral Tones; 6. Letters from Yorkshire; 7. Love's Philosophy; 3. She blushed with love, and virgin-shame; And like the murmur of a dream, I heard her breathe my name. Eden Rock; 10. Browse. This booklet is a companion to the online curriculum available at, and the associated Student Workbook. Created by.
Log in Sign up. Key Point Aspects of ‘Love and Relationships’ Painful love and separation Marriage and romantic love Unconventional love Parent and child relationships How relationships change over time 12530_P004_021.indd 4 21/05/2015 12:56. Create.


Download the Love and Relationships Teacher Guide.. Download the Love and Relationships Student Booklet.. Porphyria's Lover; 4. The Farmer's Bride; 8.

Love & Relationships Poetry .



Before You Were Mine; 13.

Spell. When We Two Parted; 2.

Terms in this set (76) When We Two Parted - Summary. Log in Sign up. The poems in the ‘Love and Relationships’ cluster focus on different types of love and relationships between people. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

Her bosom heaved—she stepped aside, As conscious of my look she stepped— Then suddenly, with timorous eye She fled to me and wept. Flashcards. 1.
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Poems - Love and Relationships. Follower ; 11. Poetry - Love and Relationships teaching resources for KS3 / KS4. Please watch the films to access the topics and quizzes for this course.

Test. Start studying Poems - Love and Relationships. STUDY. For . PigPenCB. It is not a replacement for your annotated anthologies, it is not a replacement for your class book or the extended writing you have done on both individual poems and comparisons. Match. Created for teachers, by teachers! She half enclosed me with her arms, She pressed me with a meek embrace; And bending back her head, looked up, And gazed upon my face. Mother Any Distance; 12. Winter Swans; 14.

English Literature Paper 2 Section A: DNA; English Literature Paper 2 Section B: AQA Love and Relationships Poems.

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