I am powerful, I am beautiful, I am free.

... You can't live until you die You can't learn to tell the truth until you learn to lie Can't breathe until you choke You gotta laugh when you're the joke There's nothing like a funeral to make you feel alive Just open your eyes Just open your eyes and see that life is beautiful Will you swear on your life That no one will cry at my funeral? To Live a Life Lyrics: I wrote you a letter / To make myself feel better / To redeem some part of me / I thought I had lost / And we were a lost cause / Long before we fell apart / 'Cause honey, I was AZLyrics . The life, my life I do it how I wanna do I'm livin' my life, my life I will never lose I'm livin' my life, my liiiife And I'll never stop it [Sample] Miya hee, miya ho, miya hu, miya ha-ha Miya hee, miya ho, miya hu, miya ha-ha Miya hee, miya ho, miya hu, miya ha-ha Miya hee, miya ho, miya hu, miya ha-ha [Outro: Just Blaze] So live your life It also can mean to people to do anything for love the lyrics "The Hart Is a Open Highway" and it's much better explained in the video of this boy risking his life to get to a a girl at a bon jovi concert in a tunnel. This song may have different meaning to different people and change with time. What's your life-defining song? The intro/outro is So live your life.

Even though live your life how you want it what makes you happy. Life is Beautiful Lyrics . Released in 2008 on T.I.’s best-selling Paper Trail album, “Live Your Life” is a life-affirming T.I.-Rihanna tag-team that’s guaranteed to give you a boost. Writer(s): Harris Clifford, Balan Dan.

On Top Of The World. Lyrics. i think it means that when you were young and dint no mcuh about the world you would say live and let live because thats all you wanted to do cus life was great.

Thanks to Merlene A for adding these lyrics. Live Your Life.

Thanks to Based God, Rachel, Merlin Adams, Andrean, mishelle for correcting these lyrics. To live your best life, start by thinking about the things that fulfill you, like making art or volunteering to help the less fortunate, then using those things to find your purpose. Submit Corrections. Whatever You Like. I might not be there for all your battles, But you'll win them eventually. Apparently the song that was number one on your 14th birthday defines your life.

Tether your soul to me I will never let go completely.

General Commentthis song is so amazing. Lyrics to 'Live Your Life' by MIKA: You got the whole world in your pocket, but you just don't know Everybody's smilin' at you everywhere you go It's like you've got that secret that everybody else wants to know Anywhere you are is just like home to you I pray that I'm giving you all that matters, So one day you'll say to me, "I love my life.

One day your hands will be Strong enough to hold me. Now you can watch their empowering stories in action because today, the “Live Your Story” lyric video premieres on Disney Channel and Disney YouTube!

album: "Paper Trail" (2008) 56 Bars (Intro) I'm Illy. T. T.I. Live Life Lyrics: Yeah, I like it, it feels good / Uh, yeah, it's the way we live life / Uh, yeah / So it's like Monday, yeah 10 AM, and I'm / Realizing I'm about to do this all again / So I get out No Matter What. I love my life. Additionally, try to appreciate what you have, like good friends or a nice home, instead of feeling jealous of people who seem to have it better than you.

Lush Life Lyrics: I live my day as if it was the last / Live my day as if there was no past / Doin' it all night, all summer / Doin' it the way I wanna / Yeah, I'ma dance my heart out 'til the dawn Watch it below: There’s no better time than now to join the movement and channel your inner Disney Princess! Ready For Whatever.

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