All NWB hearings and decisions are guided by and in accordance with the administrative law principles of natural justice. This article is written by Shreya Tripathi student of Banasthali Vidyapith, Rajasthan. It supplies the omission made in codified law and helps in administration of justice. It requires a fair and proper procedure be used when making a decision.
Principles of natural justice 1. Natural justice is not only confined to ‘fairness’ it will take many shade and colour based on the context. Principles of natural justice includes: (a) Rule against bias: Bias may include: (i) Personal Bias; (ii) Pecuniary Bias ; (iii) Subject-matter Bias; (iv) Departmental Bias; (v) Preconceived notion bias. Natural justice : Last Revised: Mon Apr 30th 2007 The content of the Law Handbook is made available as a public service for information purposes only and should not be relied upon as a substitute for legal … The fundamental rule of natural justice in departmental proceedings is that the disciplinary authority should be impartial and free from bias. Procedural fairness is concerned with the procedures used by a decision maker, rather than the actual outcome reached. The author has discussed the Principles of Natural Justice and its 3 major rules. Principle of Natural Justice is derived from the word ‘Jus Natural’ of the Roman law and it is closely related to Common law and moral principles but is not codified. The principle of natural justice or fairness is the sine qua non of a democratic government. Introduction. RULES OF NATURAL JUSTICE – January 2011 Page 8 of 26 In R. V. Ontario Racing Commissioners,9 Mr. Justice Haines emphasized that a notice that complies with the principles of natural justice means a written notice setting out the date and subject-matter of the hearing, grounds of the complaint, the basic facts in issue and the potential BIAS - DEFINITION • LEGAL - an operative prejudice, whether conscious or unconscious, as result of some preconceived opinion or predisposition, in relation to a party or an issue. These principles apply to all Canadian administrative boards and tribunals regardless of any rules, policies or practices established by these individual boards or tribunals. 3. It must not be interested in or related with the cause which is being decided by him. • DICTIONARY - anything which tends a person to decide a case other than on the basis of evidences. Natural justice is another name for common sense justice rules of natural justice are not in codified form these principles imbedded or ingrained or inbuilt in the conscience of human being. Procedural fairness (natural justice) Serving Parliament - Serving Western Australians Revised April 2019 What is procedural fairness?

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