Act I, Scene i. In lines 1-28 all the leading characters, except Edgar and the Fool, are introduced; the two plots and their interaction are prepared for, and the keynote of both Gloucester's character and Lear's is struck. Love, and be silent. Fair daylight, I am mightily abus'd. 2. Actually understand King Lear Act 4, Scene 7. This scene builds upon Scene 3 by showing Gloucester's determination to help the old king, but it also reveals a father in as much pain as the king. 4. She then promises the doctor that whoever cures Lear can have everything she owns. (Cordelia; Kent; Doctor; Lear; Servants; First Gentleman) King Lear: Act 5, Scene 1 Scene 1. Let's see. Where am I? I should e'en die with pity, To see another thus. All my reports go with the modest truth; 5: Nor more nor clipp'd, but so.

IV,7,2975. I feel this pin prick. 5. The French camp near Dover. Lear on a bed asleep. Cordelia, attended by the Gentleman from 4.3 and a Doctor sends out a search party of one hundred soldiers for her father, who, she has heard, is raving "mad as the vexed sea" (4.4.2). And yet not so; since I am sure my love's... 3. My life will be too short And every measure fail me. ACT IV SCENE VII : A tent in the French camp. (Edmund; Regan; First Gentlemen; Second Gentlemen; Albany; Goneril; Soldiers; Edgar) King Lear: Act 5, Scene 2 Scene 2. My life will be too short, And every measure fail me. Cordelia. The Tragedy of King Lear. Nothing. I,1,62 [aside] What shall Cordelia speak? [Enter CORDELIA, KENT, and Doctor] CORDELIA: O thou good Kent, how shall I live and work, To match thy goodness? Speeches (Lines) for Cordelia in "King Lear" Total: 31. print/save view. Earl of Kent. Edgar pretends to take Gloucester up a cliff and believes he can cure him of his wish to commit suicide. print/save view : Previous scene: Play menu: Next scene Act IV, Scene 7. The British camp near Dover. Nothing, my lord. Lear. A tent in the French camp. To be acknowledg'd, madam, is o'erpaid. Read every line of Shakespeare’s original text alongside a modern English translation. I,1,91. Cordelia. The battlefield … Gloucester is … I will not swear these are my hands. Enter Cordelia, Kent, Doctor, and Gentleman. Monologues (Male) Monologues (Female) Scene Study (M+F) ... King Lear: Act 4, Scene 7 Scene 7. Would I were assur'd Of my condition! I know not what to say. A tent.

Analysis: King Lear, Act 4, Scene 6 Edgar takes Gloucester to Dover. O thou good Kent, how shall I live and work 2910 To match thy goodness? KENT: To be acknowledged, madam, is o'erpaid. O, look upon me, sir, And hold your hands in benediction o'er me. I,1,78 [aside] Then poor Cordelia! Where have I been? I,1,89 . OPTIONS: Show cue speeches • Show full speeches # Act, Scene, Line (Click to see in context) Speech text: 1. In King Lear the exposition is in the closest conjunction with the complication or rising action.

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