The Japanese verb iku means “ to go “, and is already in the casual form. . The casual form is what we will use when we are talking to friends and family. Could you please clarify your question( ω )? Gomen. You also need to use a different form of –n desu when it is attached directly to a plain form of the verb in an informal situation.When the circumstances are informal, use –n da instead of –n desu, as demonstrated in the table.The sentences are written first in hiragana, which is a phonetic syllabary (or transliteration) made from simplified kanji characters. It is mostly used by men. But casual Japanese just sticks to the basic short forms of verbs! Japanese verb conjugation is the same for all subjects, first person ("I", "we"), second person ("you") and third person ("he/she/it" and "they"), singular and plural. Casual.
Japanese Sentence Plain form no desu - Intermediate Lessons: 3 This lesson will teach you how to make your Japanese sentence sounds more natural using the grammar Plain form のです (Plain form no desu).. After learning Japanese for some time, you will notice that native Japanese speak differently from what you have learned so far.

For example, in casual conversation you use the plain-form as opposed to the "polite-form" (普通形{ふつうけい} and 丁寧形{ていねいけい} respectively in Japanese)..

In Japanese, there are two basic forms of verbs – casual and polite. Tense doesn’t have any thing to do with word order.

This is a list of Japanese verb conjugations.Almost all of these are regular, but there are a few Japanese irregular verbs, and the conjugations of the few irregular verbs are also listed. However there are rules that must be followed. ごめん。 Very casual. どうも。 Casual. But casual Japanese just sticks to the basic short forms of verbs! In some cases this happens to be the same as the dictionary-form or 辞書形{じしょけい}. I am not sure I understand your second question. Firstly, to understand くれ (kure), we must understand the verb that it comes from, くれる (kureru).
This is part 1 of 3 but video 52 of the larger series teaching Japanese. It also can be used as "Thanks". Casual Japanese Verbs – The Plain Form / Dictionary Form.

Comment by PuniPuni on 02/19/2014 at 2:13 am; How do you know if an adjective is a na-adj or a n i-adj? These English words are basically interchangeable in this context, so don't be confused when I switch between them. Formal Japanese uses the long conjugating “masu” form of verbs, so suru (する) becomes shimasu (します). So convenient, right? My guess is that your book talks of "plain-form" when is referring to a style of speech. It should be only used with close friends or family members. Politeness and Formality in Japanese This lesson is a brief introduction to an important cultural issue that pervades all of Japanese speech: that of politeness and formality . Doumo. Adding a sentence ending particle, "Gomen ne (ごめんね)" or "Gomen na (ごめんな, male speech) is also used. だ is the plain form (casual form) of the copula です.

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