When looking at the title of the reading, and seeing the word disability I wondered how the article would tie in with Feminist Theory. More than just a deviation, disability was/still is considered an anti norm, a spectacle, often “exhibited as freaks,”(Integrating Feminist Theory, 7). Feminist theory is both a critical and a productive project; it exposes limitations in the traditional philosophical canon while also expanding its possibilities. The Disability Studies Reader edited by Lennard J Davis Taylor and Francis 2013 from WGS 100.00 at Hunter College, CUNY ”: The Politics of Race, Gender, and 283 Emotional Distress in Meri Nana-Ama Danquah’s Willow Weep for … . In so doing, feminist thought also poses challenges to … Feminist disability theory augments the terms and confronts the limits of the ways we understand human diversity, the materiality of the body, multiculturalism, and the social formations that interpret bodily differences. 20 Toward a Feminist Theory of Disability 243 Susan Wendell 21 Integrating Disability, Transforming Feminist Theory 257 Rosemarie Garland-Thomson 22 Introducing White Disability Studies: A Modest Proposal 275 Chris Bell 23 “When Black Women Start Going on Prozac .

Theory, with a focus on “material” approaches to feminism. According to Garland-Thomson, feminist theory has introduced an intersectional perspective to the study of oppression and marginalization. The essay asserts that integrating disability as a category of analysis and a system of representation deepens, expands, and challenges feminist theory. Revisiting the corpus of the madwoman: further notes toward a feminist disability studies theory of mental illness / Elizabeth J. Donaldson ; 5. In some ways this is true, but after reading Garland-Thomson's article my understanding of disability in today's society was broadened.

In “Integrating Disability, Transforming Feminist Theory,” Rosemarie Garland-Thomson establishes “feminist disability studies” as an academic field of inquiry. .

Exploited for what I call points of difference from ablebodied norms, disability was the opposite of anything anyone wanted to see, outside a circus setting.

The color of violence: reflecting on gender, race, and disability in wartime / …

Invisible disability: Georgina Kleege's sight unseen / Susannah B. Mintz ; 4.

I always viewed disability as something uncontrollable, a function that someone simply inherited without asking.

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