Research on the impact of ants on their local environment has revealed they play an important role. Insect herbivores may act as ecosystem engineers but there is still poor understanding of the role of these insects structuring arthropod communities. 1994, 1997). (PMID:26631227) Abstract Citations ... placing leaf and stem shelter-builders within the context of ecosystem engineering. As a result, ecosystem engineers are important for maintaining the health and stability of the environment they are living in.

Elephants are described as "ecological engineers" because they create and maintain ecosystems by physically changing habitats. Apart from the role of humans which have been described as allogenic engineers parexcellence we explore the influence of the soil insects in relation to their activity and mechanical alteration of materials in the environment leading to modulation in the resource flow and eventual habitat modification. 507 Downloads; 12 Citations; Abstract. First Online: 02 December 2015. These organisms can have a large impact on the species richness and landscape-level heterogeneity of an area. "Ecosystem Engineers" and "Ecosystem Engineering" Physical ecosystem engineers are organisms that create, modify or maintain habitats (or microhabitats) by causing physical state changes in biotic and abiotic materials that, directly or indirectly, modulate the availability of resources to other species (Jones et al. Ecosystem engineers function either as allogenic engineers or as autogenic engineers. They have a dual effect on their local ecosystem which affects both the density and diversity of other species around them, including animals much higher up the food chain. Functional Ecology; Journal of Animal Ecology; Journal of Applied Ecology; Journal of Ecology; Methods in Ecology and Evolution; People and Nature BACKGROUND:Ecosystem engineering may influence community structure and biodiversity by controlling the availability of resources and/or habitats used by other organisms. An ecosystem engineer is any organism that creates, significantly modifies, maintains or destroys a habitat. Shelter-Building Insects and Their Role as Ecosystem Engineers. Shelter-Building Insects and Their Role as Ecosystem Engineers. Authors; Authors and affiliations; T Cornelissen; F Cintra; J C Santos; Forum.

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