and computing the x2 association between Personality and Sex, and Personality and Size of Family. This was done by comparing the "No" scores on Parental Favoritism for boys with those of girls, and for students in small families with those in large families. In R. Hogan, J. Influencing factors can ultimately be categorized under nature or nurture. Posted Jul 11, 2013 Family Influence. ), Handbook of personality psychology (p. 241–267). Nature is the predisposition one is born with while nurture includes how one is shaped by his or her family, friends and environment. ), Handbook of personality psychology (p. 241–267). Home > Advanced Topics > Family Influence. “Consistency” was the key factor. A summary of recent advances in the nature vs. nurture debate. yes your family especially your mother and father have profond effect on your personality because they kick started the development of the your super ego the most volatile part of your persona. Probably the strongest influence in our lives is the family we grew up in.

A. Johnson, & S. R. Briggs (Eds. However, Kendler showed that genetic effect influence parenting, which is thought to be an environmental factor. but they have no influence over the ID or ego (the part that trys to maintain a balance of … to the … Therefore, the people who tend to become the greatest influencers in our lives tend to be those closest to us—our friends and family. https:// In R. Hogan, J. A. Johnson, & S. R. Briggs (Eds. Personality Do Genes Influence Personality? Academic Press. In the period of middle childhood, the influence of family, teachers and peers is of an extreme importance (Vizek-Vidović, 2003). I would have to say I was shown a good work ethic, independance, honesty, respect for elders and authority such as teachers, police and faith in Jesus. 3 Therefore, ‘pure influences of family environment’ on personality traits may actu‐ ally be less than what our results show. BY PHILLIP WITTMEYER. Family Characteristics Have More Influence On Child Development Than Does Experience In Child Care A compendium of findings from a study funded by the National Institutes of Health reveals that a child’s family life has more influence on a child’s development through age four and a half than does a child’s experience in child care. Family influences on personality development. your personality is very fragile and is constantly changing as you encounter new experiences and people.

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