The scene with Mrs Lyons links to both themes as Mrs Lyons is convinced that Edward’s locket holds a picture of a ‘girlfriend’. "New shoes on the table, take them off." As the musical continues, however, Mrs. Johnstone compares herself negatively to Marilyn Monroe, noting that she herself has become old and poor, quite unlike her idol. Mrs Johnstone starts the play with seven children and is pregnant with her eighth. "New shoes on the table, take them off." Now up your study game with Learn mode. The boys are lonely without each other, but the first act ends on an optimistic note: Mrs. Johnstone’s family is being relocated to the country as well, … Blood Brothers is a musical.Book, lyrics, and music were written by Willy Russell.It is one of the longest running musicals in history, with the performance running since its original 1988 West End production. Blood Brothers Revision 2. AO1: This introduces us to the key theme of superstition, which later plays a huge role in the development and progress of the play. The narrator asks the audience to ‘watch’ what led up to these events. The scene shifts, moving to the house of Mr. and Mrs. Lyons, where Mrs. Johnstone works as a cleaning lady. 11. this shows Mrs Lyons that superstition is one of Mrs Johnstone's main weaknesses The dramatic irony is strong here as she mistakes the child Mickey with her ‘son’: When were you photographed with that woman?’ We can see that she too is haunted by the past and that Edward is unaware of her secret. Themes Class divide 3. When she finds out that she is having twins, she panics, which Mrs Lyons takes advantage of. Mrs. Lyons enters with a parcel and greets Mrs. Johnstone,... (full context) spilling salt to breaking a mirror, creating a sense of foreboding for the audience. Blood Brothers is a musical with book, lyrics, and music by Willy Russell.The story is a contemporary nature versus nurture plot, revolving around fraternal twins Mickey and Eddie, who were separated at birth, one subsequently being raised in a wealthy family, the other in a poor family. The audience is shown the outcome of the play. It opened on Broadway on 25 April 1993 at the Music Box Theatre. Mrs Johnstone gave up one of her twins to Mrs Lyons (who couldn’t have children) Mrs Johnstone is a suspicious woman so Mrs Lyons made her swear on the bible that if the twins were ever to find out they were one of a pair they would die. This of Corse came true the narrator then asks is it superstition or class that killed the twins. You just studied 14 terms! Mrs Johnstone’s superstition is revealed early on in Blood Brothers and is one of the things that gives Mrs Lyons power over her. "New shoes on the table, take them off." Lesson 1: Introduction to Mrs Johnstone AO1+AO3 Lesson 2: Learning More about Mrs Johnstone AO1+AO3 Lesson 3: The Agreement Between Mrs Lyons and Mrs Johnstone AO1+AO2 Lesson 4: The Twins are Separated AO1+AO2 Lesson 5: Mrs Lyons Sacks Mrs Johnstone AO1+AO2 Lesson 6: The Twins are Reunited AO1+AO2 Lesson 7: Mickey Visits Edward’s House AO1+AO2 Lesson 8: Caught by … Mrs Johnstone’s superstition is revealed early on in Blood Brothers and is one of the things that gives Mrs Lyons power over her. It … The main themes in Motifs Marilyn Monroe Guns - toy and real The idea of games Dancing 12. Mrs. Johnstone gives him alocketwith a picture of herself and Mickey, so that he can always remember them. "New shoes on the table, take them off." Creating a play that might end up being viewed by a wide audience is an effective way of getting Russell's ideas across in a persuasive and influential way. What lets Mrs Lyons know Mrs Johnstone is superstitous? Motifs What is a motif? Notes and Questions on Blood Brothers Notes on Pages 5-7 The opening of this scene acts as a prologue. What lets Mrs Lyons know Mrs Johnstone is superstitous? Characters Mrs Johnstone Mickey Other children including Sammy and Donna-Marie Linda Mrs Lyons Mr Lyons Edward Lyons Narrator Chorus to play minor roles such as Miss Jones 10. The themes in any literary work are the underlying ideas that probably prompted the work to be created. She continually comes back to the movie star, however, and as her family’s luck gets worse and worse, Mrs. Johnstone notices how poorly Marilyn Monroe’s life turned out as well. Techniques What dramatic techniques are used by … AO2: Mrs Johnstone says 'Oh God', which shows that she is truly horrified by the situation, as she is a strict Catholic, and would not use the lords name lightly.

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