Activity 4: Identity Map. In order to save class time, you could have students share the maps in small groups or in a "gallery walk" format (where students post the identity maps on the classroom's walls and students circulate around the room reading the maps and leaving feedback on sticky notes). Come back together as a class and share what the children have found out e.g. Author: Stephanie Trilling Created Date: 7/20/2015 6:14:49 PM This activity asks students to create a visual map of their socialization in some aspect of identity (such as race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.)

My students were able to come up with three products in one activity: a mind map, a self-portrait and an essay. Materials for Activity. Since I was focusing on it in respect to my leadership, the further deeper I went into the circle, the more I enjoyed the activity.

Any students who don't feel comfortable sharing their identity charts can elaborate on one or two facets of their identity but keep their charts private. Facing the Future • 9 2.

through the course of their life. If you plan to have them share their identity charts with a partner or in groups, it is important that they know in advance. Alternatively, you could begin this activity by having students create identity charts for themselves. Social identity includes affinities one has with other people, values and norms that one accepts, and the ways one has learned to behave in social settings. When a student sees an identity they share, they should place a dot or star next to this word. However, each time you do a map like this, I believe you see it through a different lens. Introduce this activity with these or similar words: Part of being a culturally competent person is understanding one's own cultural identity and learning how to appreciate the cultural identity of others. Description of Activity.

Students will create a timeline of their lives, noting at what ages they learned particular lessons about their identity, by whom those lessons were taught, and how those lessons were taught. Students use activities such as Guess Who to explore the different sides to identity.

through nonverbal activity, songs, personal maps, and a story. – Hang all maps on the wall and have students do a gallery walk. Materials for Activity.

Once students have completed their identity maps, have them use the maps as a way to introduce themselves to their classmates. “I am a Hindu and Sarah is a Christian”. Activity time: 25 minutes .

Ask students to name the 2 things that each student demonstrated about his/ her identity. The teacher will show examples of identity maps (above) and do a sample on the overhead by creating a "map… They must also find something about themselves, which they feel is unique from the group and shows their individuality. Copy Handout 1 for participants. • Explore the hope and challenges presented by diverse identities. Description of Activity. Creating this map was not too difficult for me since I have created quite a few with the past four years. They learn that identities are complex and develop over time features examples and lesson plans

The aim of this activity is to find out what they have in common with their group and form a shared identity. Appendix 2: Social Identity Worksheet The purpose of this exercise is to map out different domains of your social identity (i.e., social group membership) and to reflect on how these domains intersect with one another to shape your life experiences.

Copy Handout 2 for participants. A goal of identity education must be to help people understand how they have come to have their current self image and to appreciate their own uniqueness and value even when other don’t.

Handout 2, Cummings' Identity Map; Pens/pencils; Preparation for Activity. This work on identity is therefore at the heart of healthy growth and development and will contribute to many areas of the child’s life.

Get creative! Write the word identity on chart paper and ask students to name what parts of a person's life make up his or her identity. Extending outward, write words and phrases that encompass your identity. Self-Portrait Ideas for ESL Students. • Create a map that expresses personal and cultural identity. (examples: interests or hobbies, appearance, family, religion, character traits, personality, ethnicity, and community) Discuss how community influences identity.

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