Its read by Tom Hanks though. Its read by Tom Hanks though. …more Its about Stephen Colbert's family heritage in Poland and, later, South Carolina.

Pole’s pursuits underscore that Colbert’s adult fans will be the book’s primary audience—like Go the F**k to Sleep, this is a not-for-children “children’s book” (Pole considers becoming a “Gallup poll” and interns as a stripper pole before becoming an American flagpole).

"I am a Pole" refers to that. The list could go on.

If you like Stephen Colbert humour, you will like this book easy as that. It will take you maybe something like 10 to 30 min to read through the book so it's pretty short but it's very amusing. I think this book is fine to use with children and want to thank Stephen Colbert who I have always thought is brilliant.

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