Create the table of contents. To add a dot leader, or dotted line, between each entry and its page number, click the Tab leader list, and then click the dotted line. You can also choose a dash leader. Format the text in your table of contents Go to References > Table of Contents > Insert Table of Contents. and choose an automatic style. Select Modify. If you want to add more headings to the table of contents, you can just mark new ones and select the Update button from the upper left corner in the table of contents options group. It will ask you if you want to update by page numbers or markings.
If you want to show lower level headings e.g. Heading 4, Heading 5, or you just the higher heading levels e.g. Cleaning up the Table of Contents (TOC) in Microsoft Word. Make your changes in the Table of Contents dialog box. In our line of work, we often have to create monster Word documents with numerous headings, styles, tables, figures, captions, footnotes, references, table of contents, and so on. By default the table of contents will show you headings up to level 3. Heading 1 and Heading 2, you need to change the levels shown in the table of contents. You’ll be prompted by a small dialogue box. As a consultant and architect, I consider myself a pretty heavy Microsoft Word user. You’ll see what they look like in the Print Preview and Web Preview areas.

If Modify is grayed out, change Formats to From template. The customization window for the table of contents will open. Go to References > Table of Contents . Put your cursor where you want to add the table of contents.

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