If you form a healthy attachment with your child, then it will make it easier for your child to understand what healthy boundaries look like. Use consistency, structure and repetition. Show them how helping others can make them feel good about themselves. Your child’s relationship with you is one thing that impacts the way s/he develops. What secure attachment looks like. and you lock eyes. Take a family photo and display it in the house. For example, you might explain to your child that it is okay for someone to hug him or her, but no adult should touch the child in private areas. Attachment 10 Ways to Build Positive Attachment It’s never too late to have a close relationship with someone you love. By Erin DelRegno. Getting in tune with your child helps build a secure attachment with your child and helps your child’s mind to grow. As a parent, one of the best things you can do for your child is help them develop what's known as a "secure attachment style.". And most of all, talk with your child. Posted Oct 29, 2012 It is the sense of being loved and supported no matter what happens. A framed photo for them to see every day will help reaffirm for your child that they are part of your family now. Physically nurture the child through rocking, singing, holding and touching. With some children, you need to think "younger" and be more concrete and physically involved as you are with infants and toddlers. And when children feel secure, a world of possibilities opens up. How to focus Mom’s Attention on Building a Secure Attachment. So enjoy a song or play a game like rolling a ball back and forth or reading a book together. The goal isn’t to finish the book, to teach the child … As the authors describe it, a secure attachment is a “confidence and trust in the goodness of me, you, us” that a person carries throughout their daily life. To build your child’s capacity to care, give them jobs around the house—and recognize their contributions. Attachment can be defined as the emotional bond that forms between a child and their parent and primary caregiver.Relationships like these are an important aspect of everyone’s life, and children start to build these relationships from birth.

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