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Bigamy can happen if the first marriage amounted to a common law marriage. In fact, perform an internet search for the term bigamy, and you will likely get a host of polygamy-related results. generals, provincials, abbots, priors, guardians, having quasi-episcopal jurisdiction, cannot, in virtue of the common law and apart from special privileges, dispense their own subjects with real or interpretative bigamy, even as regards minor as well as major orders. A common law marriage is one in which there is no formal marriage certificate or wedding, but the couple is deemed married within the eyes of the law. Most communities accepted these unions if they followed certain norms. The law against bigamy includes individuals who cohabit with another person. However, bigamy and polygamy are different in a few key ways, and carry with them different legal consequences. Bigamy is not a term most people are familiar with these days. Surprisingly, the answer is yes. This article, based on 221 bigamy cases between 1830 and 1900, argues that many couples, particularly in the working class, entered bigamous unions throughout the nineteenth century. Common Bigamy Scenarios. Is it possible to unknowingly commit bigamy in Oklahoma? 1 If a couple lives together, agree that they are married, and represent themselves to the public as being married, they may be considered to have a “common law marriage.” “Cohabitation” means to live together under the representation of being married.

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