American troops in … And what American is. The spring of 1942 was a perilous time for Americans, caught, as they were, in a new war. And it’s because the movies were being asked to be this repository of American values that Hollywood becomes a part of a conversation about what these values are. World War Two - Judy Garlard sings for the American troops Boxer Jack Dempsey appears with Bob Hope (left) and Bing Crosby at a PGA Servicemen's Rehabilitation Fund golf … Hollywood at War, Marlene Deitrich, performed on the front lines, often at great peril earned the Medal of Freedom. When the United States went to war in December 1941, so did Hollywood. The role played by the movie industry will be part of a new exhibition scheduled to open in 2018 that will showcase the nation's cultural history. World War II was the first moment when Hollywood was asked to become—and also took it upon itself to become—a repository of American values. The movie, "Home of the Brave" – about Iraq war veterans returning and getting acclimated back into day-to-day life – was one of the biggest flops in recent Hollywood.

The preceding December, the Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor. Young American soldiers, sailors, and airmen came of age during the war, and so did Hollywood.

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