Relate your answer to one or more of the following ethical theories: Aristotelian ethics, Hobbesian ethics, Utilitarianism, or Kantian ethics.

This case of Dudley and Stephens is one such case where morality and law had a clash.

... At first it seemed as if the sailors went against Mill’s Utilitarian theory, but when we look deeper to utilitarianism, Mills argues that the morally appealing is that results in the good for the greatest number of people.

Dudley and Stephens, a staple of the literature but new to these students. In the case of Queen vs. Dudley and Stephens, was the killing of the cabin boy, Richard Parker, morally wrong? Dudley and Stephens have a duty of self preservation as much as Brooks and Parker do. What’s the right thing to do?

From the lectern, the elegant Sandel—lean, white hair, three-button suit—tells the grim story, and he tells it … INTRODUCTION The widely famous case of R v Dudley and Stephens which deals with the taboo act of cannibalism asks the debatable question of having necessity as a defence.

The Queen v. Dudley and Stephens Case Brief - Rule of Law: A person may not sacrifice another person's life to save his own. The case brings forth the beastly side of human nature and shows…

Facts. A brief overview of the case: Suppose you find yourself in a situation in which killing an innocent person is the only way to prevent many innocent people from dying. The survival was exceedingly difficult and soon they were left with nothing to eat.

Dudley and Stephens decided in 1884 is one of the most talked cases in the history regarding the relation between law and morality. ...Morality In "Queen Vs.Dudley And Stephens" 1.In the case of Queen vs. Dudley and Stephens, was the killing of the cabin boy, Richard Parker, morally wrong?Relate your answer to one or more of the following ethical theories: Aristotelian ethics, Hobbesian ethics, Utilitarianism, or …

Morality In "Queen Vs. Dudley And Stephens" Morality In "Queen Vs. Dudley And Stephens" 1.

They justified the act as necessity since it was either all of them dying or killing a sick person who was about to die.

Morality and Humanism. Dudley and Stephens.

However when self preservation involves the act of taking another life -in this case, murdering Parker- it immediately violates the principle of the sanctity of human life.

In class we talked about Jeremy Bentham's Utilitarianism, the greatest good for the greatest number and in this case by the two men killing the boy there was more lives being saved than lost.

Sadly, it was a true story where the sick cabin boy Parker was murdered by Dudley and Stephens to combat over a week’s starvation and thirst.

Mill wrote, “In the golden rule of Jesus of Nazareth, we read the complete spirit of the ethics of utility.

In spite of these limitations, many theologians agree with Mill that his utilitarianism is the epitome of Jesus’ ethics, because it is based on what really benefits people.

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