Logan, Union and Champaign County Housing Program and City of Marysville: heathermartin@lucplanning.com or Fair Housing Contact Form
Ohio Civil Rights Commission: 614-466-2785 . Information on Fair Housing The Pennsylvania Human Relations Act prohibits discrimination in all housing transactions including but not limited to sales, rental, finance, providing reasonable accommodations or modifications to housing or commercial properties based on: Please check the agenda for the exact date, … The Commission is a FHAP agency because our law is substantially equivalent to the federal Fair Housing Act. Reporting Housing … The Housing Discrimination Ordinance established the Fair Housing Commission to investigate complaints of discriminatory practices in housing and to educate and inform the public on their rights to Fair Housing. If the Commission determines a respondent has engaged in, or is engaging in any unlawful discriminatory housing practice, the Commission shall issue an order requiring the respondent to cease and desist from such unlawful practice.

Fair Housing Laws . Discrimination in housing rental, sales and financing on the basis of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, natural origin, marital status, disability or familial status is prohibited by Federal (Fair Housing Act) and State law (Fair Employment and Housing Act). The Fair Housing Commission receives and investigates charges of housing discrimination. Logan, Union and Champaign County Housing Program and City of Marysville: 937-666-3431 or 1-866-666-4612 . Fair housing means that you may freely choose a place to live without facing discrimination because of your race, color, religion, gen der, national origin or disability or because you have children. The Fair Housing Commission is responsible for receiving and investigating complaints relating to Fair Housing laws in the same manner as Police Department or District attorney investigates complaints. The Fair Housing Council is here to ensure that all who seek housing have an equal opportunity to rent, purchase, finance and insure the property that they choose.

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