The facts, too, require little in … P. P. Craig; Sovereignty of the United Kingdom Parliament after Factortame, Yearbook of European Law, Volume 11, Issue 1, 1 January 1991, Pages 221–255, https The following is an edited and expanded version of a comment I posted on Professor Mead’s blog. The Factortame 1990 case had a major effect on parliamentary sovereignty as the Merchant Shipping Act 1988 was held to be ineffective as it went directly against provisions of Community law in the EC Treaty. Thomas Adams: Wade’s Factortame William Wade’s analysis of the second Factortame case ((1996) 112 Law Quarterly Review 568) is well known, and justly so. Wade argues that the case as finally decided infers that European Community Law takes precedence over Parliamentary Statute and that the Courts are able to declare laws incompatible with European Community law but also clearly suspend the operation of the law in … In response, Professor David Mead wrote a thought-provoking blogpost in which he expresses doubt about the notion—invoked by Lord Bridge in the seminal Factortame case—of Parliament having ‘voluntarily accepted’ any limits upon its sovereignty implied by EU membership.

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