Symposium. For the major themes of Socratic philosophy, you can read a combination of Xenophon's Socratic dialogues, and the early Platonic dialogues, Euthyphro and Apology. It will be best used if paired with (1). For Plato, I would suggest Meno, Phaedo, Theaetetus, and Republic, as well as epistles VII and VIII. If that's the case, then cherry-picking on the best known, later works can lead to a distorted view of what he's trying to say.

There are different types of philosophies, and some are similar, some are almost completely opposite. I'd also suggest picking up (3) Philosophy of Art: A Contemporary Introduction.

It will help you sort through any concepts you come across that seem alien. Gorgias. And yet, Nietzsche is undoubtedly essential to understanding the turn that philosophy took thereafter. Crito.
The effect of his philosophy is presumably built to be cumulative. Apology. Phaedo. What I mean by this are philosophers whose prose style is as essential to their work as their conceptual contributions. Republic. Stickied comment Looks like we killed the site with the old "reddit hug … A used philosophy textbook will give info about dozens of philosophers, epistemology, metaphysics, and possibly touch into ethics. The essential reading list for Plato is as follows: Euthyphro. Those will give you the major themes that we're fairly sure are authentic Socrates. Essential reading that can be found in both (1) and (2) includes: Hume, "Of the Standard of Taste" Kant, excerpts from The Critique of Judgement

Protagoras. Most people don't know there is more to philosophy than just "philosophy". Meno.

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