Julia has foreign function interfaces for C/Fortran, C++, Python, R, Java, and many other languages. Along with being a complete textbook with Julia code for macroeconomics, this also is a very good introduction to Julia. Julia can also be embedded in other programs through its embedding API. Identifying and Using Action and Helping Verbs Exercise A 1. arrives 6. did block 2. played 7. will defend 3. towers 8. has scored 4. ran 9. practice 5. dodged 10. have suggested Exercise B (Verbs will vary.) Cambridge Core - Sociolinguistics - The Cambridge Handbook of Endangered Languages - edited by Peter K. Austin Why yet another Matlab -like language? TheJuliaLanguage TheJuliaProject November30,2017 Contents Contents i I Home 1 II JuliaDocumentation 3 1 Manual 5 2 StandardLibrary 7 3 DeveloperDocumentation 9 scripting languages such as Matlab , Scipy , Octave etc... are e cient to prototype algorithms (more than C++/Fortran) Matlab is not free neither open source. R programs can do the same with R's JuliaCall, which is demonstrated by calling MixedModels.jl from R. The Julia Express (featuring Julia 1.0) by Bogumił Kamiński Programming in Julia (Quantitative Economics) - by Thomas J. Sargent and John Stachurski. rand(N,1) creates a 50x1 (2-dimensional) array, whereas rand(N) creates a 50-element vector. 2 Julia as a numerical language 3 types and methods 4 about performance. Unlike Matlab, a vector in Julia is not the same as a 1-column matrix e.g. TheJuliaLanguage TheJuliaProject July21,2017 Contents Contents i I Home 1 II JuliaDocumentation 3 1 Manual 5 2 StandardLibrary 7 3 DeveloperDocumentation 9 Outline 1 motivations 2 Julia as a numerical language 3 types and methods 4 about performance. Specifically, Python programs can call Julia using PyJulia.

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