Music only helps you concentrate if you're doing the right kind of task Editions Listening to your favourite album might not be the best idea if you've got something to do. This suggests, as I will explain below, that what you should look for when choosing music to work to are pieces that you enjoy, as the dopamine and serotonin boost produced by listening to them will really help you concentrate. A common belief shared by many is that listening to background music helps improve focus, blocks out distractions, and even makes a tedious task more enjoyable. STUDENT > Student Life > Studies How music could help you to concentrate while studying. Can listening to music while preparing a presentation or doing homework help you concentrate? Yet despite the prevalence of music in our daily lives, little is known about how … So, if university life has got you feeling a bit down, dazed or distracted then it might be a good idea to put some music on. You can plan a set amount of uninterrupted music, which serves as a built-in timer for studying. People often turn to the music they can relate to as it helps them deal with stress in this way. Instead of relying on the radio or a random mix on Pandora or Spotify, it can help to create a playlist of the best study music for concentration. Although the music still doesn't make me concentrate more than if it was silent, it certainly helps me improve concentration in my current environment. When the music is up, you’ve earned a break. Are you the kind of person who enjoys listening to music when carrying out certain tasks - for instance, while studying for an exam, driving a car, or reading a book? Listening to music can actually help you focus, but you have to like it.

Also, listening to music while doing work has been beneficial in the long run.
Should we follow what research says, or is listening to music while working just down to individual preference? Not only will it help you concentrate on your studies, it will also help keep stress at bay and put you in the learning mood.
Further research has investigated the effects of volume level on concentration and productivity.

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