2. a. 1. When he bought a new little bicycle before the baby was born, he was getting ahead of himself. in advance of; at an earlier time than: We got there ahead of the other guests.

1. phrase If someone is ahead of you, they are directly in front of you.

than someone else in a…. ahead of definition: 1. in front of someone or something: 2. having more points, votes, etc. Ahead of definition is - in front or advance of.

ahead of 1. How to use ahead of in a sentence. than someone else in a…. Define ahead.

Idioms for ahead in front of; before: He ran ahead of me. ahead of meaning: 1. in front of someone or something: 2. having more points, votes, etc. Fig. ahead synonyms, ahead pronunciation, ahead translation, English dictionary definition of ahead. I saw a man in a blue jacket thirty metres ahead of me. At or to the front or head.

Ahead definition is - in a forward direction or position : forward. Learn more.

to be …

I have to stick to my notes or I will get ahead of myself in my lecture. superior to; beyond: materially ahead of other countries.

[for someone] to do or say something sooner than it ought to be done so that the proper explanation or preparations have not been made. adv.


See also: ahead, get, of

How to use ahead in a sentence. We have special passes that let us go ahead of other people in line for the ride. In advance; before: Pay ahead, and you'll receive a discount. Physically in front of something or someone. If someone is moving ahead of you, they are in front of you and moving in the same direction. Learn more.

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