Cross-cultural training has been described by most researchers as one of global human resource management's most crucial activities and the potential benefits of effective training have been widely acknowledged (Dowling and Welch, 2004, Kamoche, 1996). So, get your people the training the world's largest brands trust for cross-cultural success. ELIMINATE CROSS-CULTURAL AND DIVERSITY BARRIERS before it’s too late. Globalisation is no longer just a buzzword but a reality to so many, for the expatriates, is a given. We are here to help you succeed in today's global environment by offering coaching, training, and online coursework for global leaders, multicultural teams, and expatriates. Relocating and undertaking a global assignment can be one of life’s most exciting and rewarding events. We can arrange individual or group sessions for cross-cultural training, face-to-face or over Skype as required, from as little as a half-day session to as long as a three month, intensive program. The world is smaller as travel is faster and connection done virtually in seconds. Doing business is … If you’re thinking about cultural competency training or cultural competence training for yourself, your staff or even your whole organization, you’re still one of the few people who understands the importance of cultural competency training (which is the same as cultural competence training). Global Coach Center is your gateway to a culturally connected workplace. 19.

Cross Cultural Training for Expats. Cross-cultural training in a business context sounds like one of these oft-cited buzzwords which are all the rage among HR management. China: Expats’ Family Matters. But understanding and adapting to a different culture can also be very stressful, isolating and confusing. Home / Country Profile, Cultural Education, Culture, Global Mobility, Life Abroad / China: Expats’ Family Matters. That's millions in wasted resources & lost revenue. Everyone in the world today is somewhat connected. Cultural Competency Training. Of course that’s all about understanding how culture affects values, beliefs and behaviors. DON’T ASSUME YOUR EMPLOYEES KNOW IT ALL. Malaysia – Cultural Training for Expats and Families. Jul. Expats may not always know what exactly cross-cultural training means or how they could profit from it. July 19, 2017. by CAI Editor. The complex and ever-changing global environment requires international business managers to be flexible.
50% of expats fail. China is a very interesting country but for most transitioning employees it is a hard country to live and work in.

All programs can be tailored to suit specific client needs, and home sessions are available upon request. 2nd July 2018 9th July 2018. Get Your Free Demo . Training Specifics; Product Details ; How we help you succeed in your International Assignment ... For 30 years we’ve been preparing expats to maximize the unique career and personal opportunities that come with an international assignment. Cross-Cultural Training to Help Business Expats Win Abroad.

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