State the two classes of angiosperms. Ant wastes provide organic fertilizer. With the success of these compounds that have been developed into staple drugs for cancer treatment new technologies are emerging to develop the area further. Plant systematics is a broad discipline that is often defined as the study of the kinds of organisms (both living and fossils), and of the relationships among these organisms. 5. Because they only require a few simple requirements, plants can grow almost anywhere. Plants include trees, grass, flowers, and algae. Plant Kingdom All plants are a part of the Plant Kingdom. Outline four characteristics common to all bryophytes.

Although you have now studied various groups of plants and algae, as well as other eukaryotic organisms, in other courses, you will find that the fungi are probably the least understood among the eukaryotes.

State any two observablefeatures to support your conclusion. Water carries sperms to the eggs during sexual reproduction. Other kingdoms include Plantae (the plant kingdom) and Fungi.

But the use of the microscope led to the discovery of new organisms and the identification of differences in cells. Some of the largest groups of living things are known as ‘kingdoms’. The Six Kingdoms. The plant provides a home, and sometimes food, for the ants. Snapshots of query submission in EssOilDB using ‘Stress’ as query in the Experimental condition key.

Protists are microscopic, unicellular organisms, with a nucleus and other specialized cell structures. The majority of plant species have various kinds of fungi associated with their root systems in a kind of mutualistic symbiosis known as mycorrhiza.

The Plant Kingdom produces naturally occurring secondary metabolites which are being investigated for their anticancer activities leading to the development of new clinical drugs.
2. a.

The Animal Kingdom These wild horses are mammals, and members of the Equidae family.

These eukaryotic organisms have a nucleus that is enclosed within a membrane. Introduction to the Plantae The green kingdom.

Why Bryophytes are Called Amphibians of Plant Kingdom. The largest group contains the plants that produce seeds. Notes: Kingdom Protista. Some have characteristics of animals (protozoa), while others resemble plants (algae) or fungi (slime molds). Give or state the phylum of a fern. b. The protista kingdom includes a very diverse group of organisms.

Before beginning to study the notes on Protists, take a look at the following short video from Teachers Domain titled Single Celled Organisms. In this part of the course, we will be studying the organisms that are referred to as fungi (sing.=fungus).

Introduction to the Fungi. (A) Main search page with various plant specific and compound specific keys.

The other group contains the seedless plants that reproduce by spores. These are flowering plants (angiosperms) and conifers, Ginkgos, and cycads (gymnosperms). Hence, the sperms of bryophytes are always flagellated. An animal is any member of the animal kingdom, Animalia. How are monocotyledonous plants different from dicotyledonous plants?
In exchange, the ants defend the plant from herbivores and sometimes competing plants. Within the plant kingdom, plants are divided into two main groups. When Linnaeus developed his system of classification, there were only two kingdoms, Plants and Animals. It includes mosses, liverworts, horsetails, and ferns.

4. a. Today the system of classification includes six kingdoms. They all share the common characteristic of being able to make their own food using water and sunlight. Though bryophytes are land plants, they require water for the fertilization of gametes. Animal Kingdom The Plantae includes all land plants: mosses, ferns, conifers, flowering plants, and so on—an amazing range of diverse forms.With more than 250,000 species, they are second in size only to the arthropoda.. Plants have been around for a very long time. A two-kingdom system was no longer useful. 3.

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