The classical school of criminology was developed in the eighteenth century, where classical thinking emerged in response to the cruel forms of punishment that dominated at the time. From the Enlightenment came a school of thought known as the classical school of criminology, which emphasizes the ideas that people make choices to commit crime and that punishment … One of the two major schools of criminology. Classical criminology is an approach to the legal system that arose during the Enlightenment in the 1700s (18th century). Classical theorists were trying to decrease punishment and obtain equal justice for all. The legal systems were subjective, corrupt, and harsh up to the time of the development of the Classical School of Criminology. Philosophers like Cesare Beccaria, John Locke, and Jeremy Bentham expanded upon social contract theory to explain why people commit crime and how societies could effectively combat crime. •The classical school of criminology was developed by the philosophers Cesare Beccaria, an Italian and Jeremy Bentham, an ... •The classical school was responsible for sparking off great legal reform in many countries and has been held to be the basis on which the American legal system was based as well as the French Legal System. Criminology Assessment. The birth of criminology; readings from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The Classical School of Criminology was developed in the late 1700s by Cesare Beccaria. In criminology, the Neo-Classical School continues the traditions of the Classical School within the framework of Right Realism. The differences between the thinking behind both the classical school of criminology and the positivist school of criminology highlight the strengths and weaknesses that are associated with both. The Classical School of Criminology was brought to light in the late 1700s and early 1800s.

Faced with alternative courses of action, he will weigh up the risks and benefits of each and act so as to maximize his pleasure and minimize his pain. (Schmalleger, 2014) The legal systems around the 1700s did not work very well. Setting forth from an eighteenth-century base line, Cesare Beccari and the classical school of criminology, and the cyclical lunar - or some would say lunatic - theory of nineteenth-century Quetelet, we progress to the anthropological approach of Lombroso and his somatic theorisings, which lead on to the Sheldonian … The classical school by Beccaria generally places emphasis on the individual suggesting that we have the ability to make our own choices and that crime in society is a product of an individual’s free will. It took place during the Enlightenment, a movement in Western countries that promoted the use of reason as the basis of legal authority. The purpose of classical philosophy is to create a standard belief for the benefit of society. Unlike similar readers, this one devotes attention to the classical school of criminology.

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