An estimated 168 million children are in labor today with around 21 million people in forced labor conditions. Infographic. The Cost of Child Labor [INFOGRAPHIC] 17 Child laborers are not simply working an after-school job. Anti-Slavery International has produced an infographic highlighting the scale of forced labor including forced child labor in Asia, South-East Asia, America and Africa. 10 Countries Where Slavery Is Most Common. Child Labour In The Fashion Industry.

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Child Labour In … They are children that have had their safety, education and childhoods taken from them.


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The Cost of Child Labor. Children forced to work from a young age are at great physical risk, often working in extremely hazardous conditions. Americans’ Views of Child Labor Around the World The cost of child labor is tremendous. Report infographic to Venngage 10 Countries Where Slavery Is Most Common. added by shahzaibelahi. Children Labor The Cost of Child Labor #infographic The Cost of Child Labor #infographic This past spring’s collapse of a clothing factory in Bangladesh, an incident that killed more than 1,100 workers, has put an international spotlight on the often hazardous conditions which many workers in developing countries confront on a daily basis. Child labor also keeps children from attending school, which contributes to … Create your own infographic for free with Venngage! The Cost of Child Labor.


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