But there are a few possible solutions to the car pollution issue, and it's not just a change of fuel. Air pollution is a worry for everyone, especially for those who live in urban areas or suffer from conditions like asthma. What You Can Do to Reduce Pollution from Vehicles and Engines Drive Less.

Some of these emissions are harmless, such as water vapour. Car emissions have an impact on air quality, alongside things like rail, air traffic and manufacturing.

To really bring about change, humans have to change their attitude toward cars and rethink their role in our lives, and that may be a harder change than any other. Walk or bike when you can. Examples of such pollutants include Carbon monoxide, Hydrogen, Nitrogen Oxide, particulate matter, Ammonia and Sulphur Dioxide. Trials have shown these devices can cut the harmful NO2 gas inside cars …

Vehicle pollution (also transport pollution, motor pollution) is the introduction of harmful material into the environment by motor vehicles. Devices such as Airbubbl can remove a wide range of air pollutants inside the car. The way we drive can reduce emissions from our vehicles. Fewer miles driven means fewer emissions. However, cars significantly contribute to environmental pollution due to the many other harmful gasses that are emitted during regular vehicle … Emissions are the gasses and byproducts produced by vehicles such as cars and trucks during vehicle operation, refuelling, and even during the manufacturing and eventual disposal process. Use the bike-share programs if your... Drive Wise. These materials, known as pollutants, have several bad effects on human health and the ecosystem. Nobody wants the air in our cities and towns to be polluted. Most importantly, there is no one magic solution.

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