Repeat the specific gravity test for each cell of the battery.

If any cell shows a specific gravity more than 0.05 less than the others, the cell is dead and the battery will have to be replaced. For example, if five cells read 1.260 and one reads 1.254 (a difference of 0.06) the cell is dead.
No practical method exists to quantify all conditions of a battery in a short, comprehensive test. Cell Voltage up to 10V Cell Current up to 2500A Ability to test up to 96 cells with a single chassis. BU-901: Fundamentals in Battery Testing . Therefore, it is essential to characterize the cells during an early development phase. Compare the readings. Arbin offers battery testing systems for basic charge/discharge cycling, and simulating complex real-world applications such as drive profiles, telecom pulses, or other custom profiles. Testing battery cells The cell is the basis of every energy storage device and has a direct influence on the quality of the battery modules and packs. Discover what causes batteries to fail and why testing is still in its infancy.

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