The main thing is that nobody has to work in a job that they hate anymore. The hated jobs either get automated, or the pay for them goes up enough that someone will be willing to do it. The Post-Scarcity World of 2050-2075 by Stephen Aguilar-Millan, Ann Feeney, Amy Oberg, and Elizabeth Rudd Executive Summary We are all quite familiar with the concept of peak oil—the notion that oil is a finite resource and that we are soon coming to the peak in its historical production. Education in a post-scarcity society A future with extreme societal change will would naturally also bring about major transformations to the role, purpose and structure of higher education. We’re in such a post-scarce world that eating actual human foods such as digestible green vegetation and animal meat is considered a diet in the slang-sense of the word. We’re in such a post-scarce world that we’re persuaded to promote cheaper but less biologically compatible grains in order to meet economic economies of scale in their production.

world, we will also be entering a . traditional capitalist business mod-els, concepts, and assumptions that . time of significant challenge to the .

As we enter into the post-scarcity . And many people will probably put more time into the arts, which, hey, that’s supposed to be one of the benefits of a … This fictional wildcard scenario imagines a post-scarcity society — one where everyone can afford the basic necessities of life — and what education in such a society might look like.

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