Antihumanism refers to the philosophical perspective which rejects humanism's elevation of human beings to a special metaphysical level of existence compared to the rest of reality.

Louis Althusser and the traditions of French Marxism / William S. Lewis. Althusser and Theoretical Anti-Humanism has 8,494 members. But he was against it or was anti-humanist with reference to Stalin’s ‘errors and crimes’. Download full-text PDF. It is not, actually, a term for generalized misanthropy. If this was the version of humanism, Althusser accepted, he was anti-humanist. For Althusser, Marxism is not a humanism based upon the argument that a human essence can be freed from its alienation.

Althusser spent the remaining decade of his life in and out of hospitals before his death in 1990. The Pedagogical Unconscious: Rethinking Marxist Pedagogy through Louis Althusser and Fredric Jameson Tyson Lewis University of California, Los Angeles Abstract What is the major crisis facing Marxism today? - Paris : …

Louis Althusser : une biographie / Yann Moulier Boutang.

Althusser and Pasolini: Philosophy, Marxism, and Film Agon Hamza (auth.) science or pseudo-science -OLtHussen & morxism BRIAN AARONS The works of the French communist philosopher, Louis Althusser, have in recent years attained some pro­ minence, exerting a considerable influence on both the form and content of current debates on marxist and rev­ olutionary theory. Althusser was not against such a kind of humanism.

Famously, the French Marxist Louis Althusser wrote that the problem in Marxism is philosophical.

For sure, the ethical humanism/alienation themes of the early Marx (1844) belong to a pre-Marxist problematic that is still governed by Feuerbachian and Hegelian concerns.

Althusser, Thompson, and Postwar Marxism Niendorf 2 Working Class and Althusser’s 1965 For Marx. – Lanham : Lexington Books, 2005. Althusserian Post-Marxism In the popular autobiography The Future Lasts Forever, Althusser says that, during the fatal weekend in which he murdered his wife Hélène Rytman, they argued very vio-lently. Letter to the Central Committee of the PCF, 18 March 1966 1 Louis Althusser Louis Althusser 45, rue d Ulm Paris 5 th A Letter to Comrades on the PCF s Central Committee Dear Comrades, I have taken very careful note of the resolution 2 passed at the last Central Committee meeting.

There is for him a necessary lag time between the emergence of historical materialism … is resolution contains several theses of both theoretical and practical importance. Dufrenne, Humanism, and Anti-humanism.pdf.

While this paper will not be limited to discussing the two writers in regards to these works, they will be regarded as foundational pieces from which Thompson, Althusser, and other historians would debate the future of Marxist thought. Marxism, Althusser, Theoretical Anti-Humanism, Anti-essentialist The ensuing controversy too involves the role of history in Marx and Marxism which Althusser opportunistically ... (pdf) - Wal Suchting. Antihumanism opposes abstract concepts of "man", "humanity" and "human nature" and posits that humans are not rationally autonomous subjects. Other full-text sources.

For Althusser, in turn, Marxism is a theoretical anti-humanism because basic Marxist concepts are unrelated to humanistic notions.

As William S. Lewis writes in Louis Althusser and the Tradtions of French Marxism, Garaudy’s project after 1956 was to show “how Marxism is not only a humanism but a theory of human liberation compatible with Judeo-Christian notions of emancipation,” and thus also a practical basis for uniting with Catholics and social democrats.

Althusser’s decisive influence on the editors of the Cahiers was a result of his philosophical intervention in Marxism over the course of the 1960s.

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