By installing or playing our game you agree to our privacy policy and being contacted by us occasionally with the best stories, news on the development front and the odd special offer we feel you wouldn’t want to miss out on. The AI system that gave its creators pause was designed to learn the patterns of language. Submit any bugs or inquiries to [email protected]. As seen on: Our Too-Crazy-To-Be-True Story. Fun stuff to watch. Feeling creative? This is your chance to write a story, right here, just by filling in the blanks. Create A Story. GANs are composed of 2 neural networks, the Generator and the Discriminator, that compete against each other in a game to minimize or maximize a certain function. Emphasis on occasional – we hate spam probably more than you do. OPTIONAL Want to know when our app and card game go live? Different Synonyms. Perhaps it needs help; if the heroes help it they'll earn themselves a favor which the King Beast will repay at some later time in the adventure. My Self-Insert Story. Absent-Minded Expert.

so yours will be unique. A big part of our vision is to use AI to power vast, living game worlds where your actions leave lasting effects on the world. You can generate a number to generate up to 50 stories at a time. The brilliant thing about stories is that they don't just live in books – they can be found in cartoons, films, animations, audio – literally anywhere! He's also a good advisor to his master. Although these goals may seem ambitious and we still have a long way to go, there is vast untapped potential for AI powered games and AI Dungeon is leading the way in starting to unlock those possibilities. Fun for all ages!! It does that very well—scoring better on some reading-comprehension tests than any other automated system. Short Story Generator: you can generate a specified number of short stories. TalkToTransformer is an AI text generator that responds to anything you write in its textbox, whether it’s a question or the start of a made-up story.. Canadian engineer Adam King created the site.

system performed identically to the human-programmed generator in the bank robbery story, and nearly as well in the date story. The technology within the site was innovated by a research lab called OpenAI. Be a 30-second author with our ever-popular Storymaker Game. thinks about the world by asking the most diverse questions and then waiting for the result. Visitors since 1/29/12 (Alpha Release): Generate a short romance with your character using a great variety of options! He's hard-eyed and scary; life means nothing to him and he enjoys killing. And finally, what's your pen name?

Goal : Thwart Monstrous Plan: This is a classic fantasy-adventure plot: The characters learn of some horrible plan made by a monstrous enemy, and must thwart it before the kingdom is lost or the world is destroyed. Random Adventure Generator. EasyAI is a GUI wrapper around the GPT-2 774M model released by OpenAI. Opt out at your own peril at the bottom of any email. We believe this will definitely bring some inspiration to your writing. The JavaScript Source: Generators: Story Generator. This is the sort of villain whom the heroes see in the Master Villain's throne room. This generator generates 7 random short stories by default. Theme: Mystery: Here, the characters are presented with a mystery -- often a murder -- and have to find out who did what to whom. Dr Assignment Auto Writer automatically writes your assignment, essays, articles, research paper for you. Built by Adam King (@AdamDanielKing) as an easier way to play with OpenAI's new machine learning model.In February, OpenAI unveiled a language model called GPT-2 that generates coherent paragraphs of text one word at a time. The team tested the AI on two story scenarios, a bank robbery and a movie date, pitting its creations against sets of stories by a human programmed generator and a random generator. In terms of sequencing errors, the A.I.

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