Depending on your mind frame, that’s pretty good! ACT Online is not as highly recommended as the above despite being from the ACT, but may be better than ACT Academy. 2018 GRE Percentiles (Plus Tips for Improving Your GRE Score) by Travis | Last updated Apr 24, 2019. October 27, 2018: Register by September 28. First, it’s important to remember, for most students, the PSAT is JUST PRACTICE! That being said, the average ACT score as of 2018 was a 20.8. For students who took the ACT with Writing, the writing section is scored on a 12-point scale. Did you just get your PSAT score back and are you wondering what this means for you? They are, though, a lagging indicator. If your verbal reasoning score is in the 71st percentile, then your score is better than 71% of all GRE test takers. Naturally, this is crucial when looking at percentiles, where you truly get a feel for your own competition. Upcoming Test Dates. November 6, 2018. So, if you score a 21 you did better than half the people who took the ACT. You won’t submit this score to … In other words, your verbal reasoning score is in the top 29%. GRE percentiles give you a simple way to compare your scores to the rest of the GRE test-taker population. LSAT Score Percentiles. ACT Black Book for strategy and conceptual ways to approach test, but no practice questions. Understanding LSAT score percentiles is an important part of the application process. The figures shown on the class of 2018’s SAT score reports were based on the performance of students in the class of 2017. Knowing your ACT® score percentiles will help you maximize your studying, give you the tools to improve your score the next time, help you get into your dream college, and narrow down your potential college majors. UPDATED FOR 2018! Don’t percentiles give an accurate accounting? More than likely you're immersed in a sea of test day strategies and techniques claiming to increase your exam performance and overall score. September 8, 2018: Register by August 10. Includes SAT / PSAT / ACT Score Concordance Chart!! Percentiles can be a useful way of describing test score distribution.

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