Book Your AAT Exams. The main thing was to actually learn and revise the accounting systems and controls information, I hadn't really even looked at them when I first sat it as I thought it … You learn accounting systems and controls, which is quite straightforward, but then there's elements of the other exams too. At Level 4, the subjects and exam setting is lot harder than the previous levels but the hard work pays … This level covers the final modules and it’s the last level to gain full Accounting Technician Qualification. Tutorials are the complete resource for the AAT … The students should book the exams at least 2 days in advance.
AAT Level 4 is the highest level or final stage of the AAT Accounting qualification..

A. Accounting Systems and Controls; ... Assessment fees vary from centre to centre, the fee is paid direct to the exam venue that you choose. Conduct an ethical evaluation of the accounting systems 5. The course does feel slightly rushed to say I started September 3rd or something and my last exam … It is responsibility of the students to register with AAT before taking the exam. The AAT Level 4 Synoptic Assessment Study Text reinforces knowledge already gained through studying units: Financial Statements of Limited Companies (FSLC), Management Accounting Budgeting (MABU), and Management Accounting Decision and Control (MDCL), and introduces the importance of internal controls in minimising the risk of loss which forms the Accounting Systems … Each text is written specifically to the AAT syllabus.

Understand the role of accounting within an organisation 2. AAT level 4 is made up of 6 units, 4 of which are mandatory units and 2 are optional units, you need to choose 2 out of a choice of 5 optional units in order to complete the Professional Diploma in Accounting (level 4… Confirm that this is the correct level for you AAT … Few students begin AAT at Professional level without doing Foundation/Advanced or a similar practical accounting … Total cost £1,497.

This qualification provides the skills necessary for a ‘Finance Officer’ role including the complex management accounting … You should be over 19 and be competent in everything covered by the Foundation Certificate and Advanced Diploma, including double-entry bookkeeping. Students will become comfortable with a wide range of financial management skills and applications, and gain competencies in, drafting financial statements for limited companies, recommending accounting systems … AAT student registration £147. Understand the importance and use of internal control systems 3. AAT Level 4 Diploma – course syllabus As this is a Level 4 course the theories, concepts and topics that you cover will be more complex. Accounting Systems and Controls (ASYC) This unit is assessed as part of a Synoptic exam and covers the internal controls and accounting systems … Students will learn how to use data to help manage and direct the company. The AAT Level 4 Professional Diploma in Accounting covers high-level accounting and finance topics and tasks. The problem with synoptic revision is there isn't one place to start.
This is assessed via exam. Internal Students Exams Fees information.

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