Read preview. Excerpt. You probably think of research as something very abstract and complicated.

Experimental philosophy imports experimental methods and findings from psychology into philosophy. One such perspective has been offered recently by Hoyningen-Huene (2008, 2013), who argues from the history of philosophy of science that after three lengthy phases of characterizing science by its method, we are now in a phase where the belief in the existence of a positive scientific method has eroded and what has been left to characterize science is only its fallibility. Philosophical method (or philosophical methodology) is the study of how to do philosophy. By Wm. Moreover, although initiated and inducted into a particular second-order practice, be it logical analysis, phenomenology or postmodernism, one may reject the label and abandon the camp, but never do so without respect for the tradition which sustains the practice. The grand divisions of philosophy are: I.
In doing philosophy, one chooses no single method, joins no independent tradition, and cleaves to no particular technique. There is not just one method that philosophers use to answer philosophical questions. This book explores how it is reshaping thought about philosophical method. Metaphysics, and III. Methodology, II. ... the inductive and deductive methods of reasoning, are related to modern research. The Theory of Value is concerned with the nature of ideals and with the ways in … Philosophy of Research. OK, you knew that no introduction would be complete without considering something having to do with assumptions and philosophy. A common view among philosophers is that philosophy is distinguished by the methods that philosophers follow in addressing philosophical questions. The Ways of Knowing: Or, the Methods of Philosophy. Philosophy literally means love of knowledge. Experimental philosophy is one of the most exciting and controversial philosophical movements today. Scholarship is perhaps the study of the methods and techniques of Philosophy. Theory of Value. Pepperell Montague.

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