The Hundred Days Offensive (8 August to 11 November 1918) was a series of massive Allied offensives which ended the First World War. The Triple Entente consisted of France, Russia and Great Britain,... Mobilisation and recruitment. 100 Facts that Tell the Story of World War One Build up to World War One. So, if you’ve got 10 minutes to spare, why not check out these 100 strange but true facts that will shock you! As many as 8.5 million soldiers and 13 million civilians died as a result of the war. Ramp Up To War 1) The final trigger for the war came on June 28th when Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and his wife Sophie were gunned down Mobilisation was seen as a declaration of war,... Major battles. Henry Allingham, the oldest Briton in history, credited his longevity to “cigarettes, whiskey and wild, wild women – and a good sense of humor.” He fought in WWI, worked as an engineer in WWII, and died at the age of 113. Donkey Kong got his name because his creator believed ‘donkey’ meant ‘stupid’ in English and wanted to convey the impression that the character was a “Stupid Ape”. Here are 100 facts about that fateful war, 100 years after its beginning. Beginning with the Battle of Amiens (8–12 August) on the Western Front, the Allies pushed the Central Powers back, undoing their gains from the Spring Offensive.

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